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POST Selection Day

I had my selection day 10/29 and am curious if anyone has been accepted to the 2016 cohort yet?


Selection Day....

Hey all! I just received an email that I have been invited to selection day (no phone interview). I received this today and when I clicked on to see what days are available it only shows me this Wednesday or this coming Saturday...could that be correct? Two days to prepare? I'm scheduled to be out of town this weekend so I'm wondering if more days will pop up. Thanks!
It's been crickets over here. I've been checking both my email and teachertrack.

Science Immersion

Hi everyone, I plan to apply when the application become available this Fall. I have a BS in Biology and I'm interested in teaching high school biology. I'm interested in how was the summer science immersion? Did you learn lab experiments or practicals or was it more theory (book based)? Does the science immersion cover teaching techniques, science info or both? Any tips or info on your experience in the science immersion will be greatly appreciated.Also where you able to pick which college you want to attend from the participating colleges that offer the program or was it assigned? How was the lesson plan aspect or the interview process? I heard for math that yo have to take an exam the day of the lesson plan. Is that true for those interested in Science/Biology?
Thanks in advance.

2016 Application

Hey all-

I'm really excited to apply this upcoming year.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to when the application would open up?

And also how long it usually takes to hear back?

I am a 2015 accepted bilingual fellow. My first language is english and I am not of the other bilingual persuasion by birth. T took spanish in high school and a year of college and I did use spanish at my former employer. My writing is better than my speaking. I had to take a bilingual proficiency exam for the university to demonstrate my bilingual proficiency and feel I may have come up a bit short with my accent and the amount of information I gave in the language in the oral interview. I also wrote 2 essays in english and my language and I believe they were good. The proficiency exam was 2 parts written and oral.

I QUIT my job for the fellowship, as they instructed us to.

My question is if they feel I am not qualified to teach bilingual, do they kick you out of the program or would I be offered a transfer or forced transfer to another possible subject area?

I did put in for a possible ESL switch but they said I did not have enough foreign language credits.

I have worked so hard, I have taken the ALST, CSTs (3 of them) and the EAS, online courses already and spent hundreds of dollars. I WANT to teach.

Anyone in my boat or been there/done that?

Specific examples would be helpful. I am a bit worried. Thanks in advance.
Hi Fellow Fellows! After three years of teaching, I'm leaving my beautiful Astoria apartment. I've lived here since I started my journey with the fellows, and it's been perfect for my lifestyle. It's a quiet apartment in a great neighborhood close to bus, train, and plane travel. My bedroom is on the far side of the apartment and has its own bathroom. In addition to the main bedroom, there is a sun room in the very front of the room with a table and chairs--it's wonderful to use as a work area so that you don't have to grade right next to bed : ). The room comes fully furnished with a queen-sized bed, two bookshelves, and a table with three chairs.

--1 bedroom with your own bathroom in a spacious three bedroom apartment
--2nd floor apartment in a duplex
--2 lovely female roommates--one teacher, one social work grad student, both in their late 20s
--4 blocks from the Astoria-Ditmars stop on the N/Q (20 minutes to Manhattan)
--2 blocks from the M60 to Manhattan (easy connection to the 4/5/6 at 125th street)
--20 minute bus ride or 15 minute taxi ride to LaGuardia
--1 block from a 24-hour grocery store
--1 block from a laundromat (self-service and very cheap drop-off rates)
--1 block from Martha's bakery
--15 minute walk (or 5 minute bus ride) to Astoria Park
--great neighborhood for long runs and/or bike rides
--10 minute walk to Astoria Bier Garden

$1150 a month (includes utilities and internet)
Flexible move-in dates (with pro-rated rates possible--e.g., if you need to move in July 15, you can just pay for half the month).

Please send me a message if you'd like pictures, more information, or would like to come see the place.



Job Search Question

So as I'm sure all 2015 accepted applicants are aware, we have the green light to start seeking out positions. My question is, how are we supposed to find out what teaching positions are open in any given school. We received the public school data sheets for elementary and high schools but how are we supposed to seek out specific positions for any given subject. The data sheets only provide basic statistics. Are we supposed to blindly approach principles who may or may not have a position open, or is there a source of information that details exactly what positions are available? I saw information on the Hiring Guide that refers to a New Teacher Finder that helps principles seek out available teachers through their resumes, but I didn't see any information about a source of information such as described above. Thanks in advance for any help.


Still waiting

My selection day was April 15th and i still haven't heard anything. Is this normal?

District 75/SS/ESL Extension

Anyone who has received the special ed SS/ESL extension and/or D75 survey been accepted? My selection day was 3/21 and I am still waiting...


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