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Hey guys, I just completed my online assessment. My selection day was 01/28....do you know how much longer I'll have to wait to receive a response?...I am nervous I just want an answer !

If anyone here has questions about Selection day and the application process let me know. I'll be happy to answer.


Has anyone taken the ALST or EAS exam yet? How was it? I know that the nystce provides a study guide do you think they were helpful? Was the questions significantly more difficult than the study guide or about the same? Is the study guide enough or is supplemental guides need to perform well? Was the ALST similar to the SATs? How is the EAS exam being that we fellows dont have no prior education courses and that exams seem like it requires educational background knowledge?

ela graduate program

hi all,

does anyone know where ela fellows usually enroll? if it's st john's, is it at astor pl or in queens? when do we find out where we're going to be?


Subject area appeal

Hi does anyone know how the subject appeal process usually goes, I know the survey needs to be filled out but any idea on response time and how often they approve it? Thanks in advance.

Selection Day

Hey everyone!

I have my selection day event in about two weeks and I have a few questions that I would love for people to help me out with. I'm really nervous about it so I wanted to see what everyone has to say.

First, for anyone who went through selection day, how were people dressed? I assume that obviously I need to dress professionally, but I was wondering what is a typical outfit for a girl. I don't want to be over-dressed or under-dressed.

I'm being considered as a candidate for English, so for my 5-minute lesson I was thinking about doing a lesson about enjambment and end-stop lines. I want to use Robert Frost's poem, “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” to show examples of the two types of lines. For anyone who was considered for English, do you think that this would be a good lesson? I know that the content is not as important as the technique of teaching, but I want to make sure that this topic will work. Also, do I need to use something from the common core, and do I need to let them know which grade that this lesson would be aimed towards?

I kind of wanted to do a lesson on sonnets, but I figured that it would require way more than 5 minutes. I was also thinking of doing a lesson on metaphors, but I really don't want to because I feel like it would be expected in a way.

Thanks in advance to everyone!

content assesment

Did anyone from the January 14 Selection Day receive their online content assesment yet? How long does it take for us to receive it?

Selection Day 01/14/2016

Greetings friends,

I just finished my selection day activities. I'm happy it's all over. I feel relieved. Though I read everything I could find about what to expect, I wasn't entirely convinced that the day would be free of surprises. Luckily, I can say that there were no surprises. It was kind of what I expected; everything was as described by the NYCTF; everything was as many of you described it in your previous post.

I thought I'd write about my experience here because reading this livejournal has helped me in my preparation for the NYCTF selection day, and I wanted to lend my small contribution to this community.

The selection day process was slated to begin at 4:45. Most folks got there early. As people walked in, they were broken into small groups of 3 or 4 and given the opportunity to work in small groups and rehearse their lesson plans. At around 5:15, everyone was instructed to go upstairs to their assigned classroom. We were a group of 8 and we had two moderators from the NYCTF. We spent the next 2 plus hours giving our presentation, then doing a group activity, and finally, receiving an opportunity to incorporate the feedback we received after our lesson plan into a shorter, 2 minute lesson. The time went by pretty fast.

Good luck to everyone who was part of today's selection day.

I also want to thank everyone who has been contributing to this forum.

I am hoping that I open my inbox to good news in a few weeks.


Ask a 1st Year Fellow

Hey guys,

I'm a first year fellow, and was in your shoes one year ago. I used to use these forums to get information and see where others were in the process. I remember thinking it would have been nice to have someone who went through the process available to answer question. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Selection Day

Hi all
Im confused about selection day. Can I use powerpoint, or should I bring posters or handouts? Please help. Also, are the other people in the group going to act like students and and ask questions or respond to questions. Did everyone have to go to a school in Cobble Hill. Please let me know what is your subject and experience was like. My subject is Bio. Thanks

11/21 Selection date...

Has anyone from the 11/21 selection date heard back on their acceptance?? I'm so anxious

Edit: I've been accepted!