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10/29 Selection Day

Has anyone heard back yet? I applied on 9/13, No phone Interview, Invited for Selection Day on 10/7, Went to Selection Day on 10/29 for Mathematics (7-12) and now, I'm waiting ... I'm actually pretty anxious and nervous right now lol.



My school is currently looking for a Living Environment and Earth Science teacher. If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them contact gonzales@olympusacademy.org. It's a small alternative high school with a great community of people who truly care about the students. The school is located in Brooklyn and is right off the last stop on the L train. If you have any questions about the school, please feel free to message me.

I'm trying to post to the NYCTF 2016 Facebook group, but I'm not sure if I will be accepted, so if anyone sees this and is part of the group, I would really appreciate it if you could post this there as well.

Thanks so much.
Good day everyone,

The New York City Teaching Fellows have unfortunately terminated me from the program as of August 15, 2016. I must share with all of you that I feel extremely disrespected and perplexed about the way I was notified about my termination from the program. My NYCTF and Pace University profiles this summer, they have been more than professional, regardless of all the difficulties and unfairness I was put through. For that reason, I feel that the way I am being treated by the program is not reciprocal. It is unfair and rather cruel to have received a simple termination email after being placed in a Masters degree program, teaching NYC students, and given false encouragement by my coaches and site director all throughout. This shows a lack of transparency and frankness from the NYCTF.

I also strongly believe that I was not given a fair chance since the very beginning of my school placement. The NYCTF assigned me to teach General Education 7-12 Biology and I was placed in a 6th grade ELA class with 25 students this summer, some of who had IEPs (Individualized Education Program) which are given to Special Education students. I was never notified about this, yet my coaches expected me to have 100% attention from students every time. On one occasion, my coach tried to discipline one of my most misbehaved students and she was completely unsuccessful, however this (among many things) was not taken into consideration and was graded extremely tough. I was clearly told by my site director that the unfairness I was being put through was reported to a higher official and that the Fellows would take it well into consideration.

There were also many disparities such as fellows who had a class of only 2 students, and inconsistencies about the way fellows were being graded, among other things such as clear favoritism, conjectural racism, and unfair grading. On three occasions, I heard about coaches going back to two fellow profiles to adjust their ratings. Lastly, the fact that my teacher track and NYCTF blackboard accounts have been deactivated is extremely questionable. I can no longer access ANY of my NYCTF documents and Pre Service Training performance information. I was also not told how to go about continuing my career as a teacher nor what will happen with my master's program. I have many questions. Even the program director couldn't give me a clear answer as to how the NYCTF came about making a final decision to terminate me from the program.

I must mention that this post is not meant to discourage you from accepting an offer or even applying to the program. However, I believe it's important to let all of you know about the reality of it.

As many of you know, the process of applying to this program is rather lengthy. You must go through submitting your application, a phone interview, and a selection day event. You must also wait long weeks, even months to hear back from the program with an answer. If you're selected, you get to take certification exams (out of pocket, about $300), as well as completing numerous online courses.

Summer training is extremely tough. Fellows say that are long hours but the reality is that you will definitely get 5 hours of sleep, at most, every day. I commuted for 4 hours everyday, going from home to my training site, then to my university and back home. On top of that I had to do lesson planning and grad school work. I still don't know how I still managed to get a 4.0. I'd leave home at 5:40 a.m. and come back till about 8 p.m., everyday during summer training. As a fellow, you are expected to give YOUR HEART AND SOUL during the summer, however, unfortunately hundreds of student-centered, dedicated and hardworking individuals like me will also be wrongfully kicked out of the program next year. I do not want other people to go through this, especially those who have a true teacher vocation and really want to make a change for NYC's students. I MUST also mention that I'm extremely shocked about some of the fellows who actually were kept in the program. I am talking about people who could care less about their students and who only want in for the money. I'm talking about people who should not be trusted with a classroom full of adolescent students, for many reasons. I'm talking about people who are unprofessional and disrespectful. Yet, they are out there, representing the NYCTF and well-renowned universities.

Before you decide to apply or accept an offer to become a NYCTF you must consider the following:

- The process from applying to completing summer training can up to 11 months.
- You must take certification examinations once you are accepted (pay out of pocket). If you don't pass you will have to retake them until receiving a passing score.
- You must be willing to quit your job in order to successfully complete summer training. Notice that, even if you have given it YOUR ALL, there is a chance you will still get dropped from the program. Just like that.
- Do research on the program: glassdoor, articles, blogs, Facebook page. See what people are saying.
-NYCTF will assign you a specific subject and grade level that you are to teach in September, BUT they will most likely place you in a different area of teaching for the summer. What was I doing teaching ELA to 6th graders when I was assigned Biology 7-12? The world will never know.
- NYCTF staff at your training site will give you high hopes all throughout training, yet some of you will unfortunately be terminated from the program. After all, they need you to teach for the actual certified teachers who are enjoying their summer. No certified teacher wants to teach summer school.
- Make sure you read each email, and document and save it to your computer. Information can be contradicting. They quickly deactivate your accounts if you're terminated and you will have no access to ANYTHING.
- Make sure you have a plan B if you decide to join the program, as they'll only provide to you about $2500 dollars in the summer. That's about $200 per week. You need support in every way possible.

My dreams have been crushed, my self esteem is not well, I no longer have a career plan. I always wanted to be an educator and when I finally thought I had made it, I realized it was all a lie since the beginning. The NYCTF absolutely CANNOT keep doing this to people. They will give you everything and take it away the same way even if you give YOUR HEART for the children and their education.

I hope this letter helps as an eye-opener for all dedicated and professional people out there who a considering to apply and who truly care about education like me. Please think twice and consider everything I have written in this letter. I hope it serves you well.

Please message me through this platform if you have any questions. I will gladly provide you with my personal email.

Thank you for your time.



NYC Men Teach


Does anyone have experience or know anyone who participated in NYC Men Teach and received their alternative certification through NYCTF? I'm currently a social worker and plan on applying for 2017 and I've been in contact with NYC Men Teach. Does anyone know if my MSW will allow me to receive higher compensation or does the DOE only acknowledge education credits? I plan on applying for Special Education due to my background and interest. Would it be wise to mention an interest in D75 when writing my essays? I'm excited to apply once the application opens up. Thanks in advance for your responses!

--Hopeful NYCTF 2017

Fall Cohorts

I'm so excited to start. I can't wait but of course, I'm getting worried that I haven't heard anything since I enrolled. Has anyone heard anything? I'm eager to get started with whatever seminars we have to take before PST starts. I've taken and passed the CST. I took the EAS and ALST last week. I still have to take the GRE.

Fall Cohort GRE Exam

Hey guys,
Those who were accepted into the Fall Cohort have to take the GRE exam. Does anyone know why? because those who were accpeted into the June Cohort do no have to take the GRE exams.

Undergraduate GPA

If your undergraduate GPA was less than 3.0, did your assigned university still accept you to enroll?? What happens if you aren't accepted?

PST Training Academy

Has anyone gotten any word on locations of PST?/When we will be notified on our respective PST locations?

Cohort 27
D75 Fellow
So I am very excited to start my pre service training this summer and begin working in the high school I was hired at in September. My only current concern is I am taking my certification tests in June and if I do not pass them I am afraid that even if I have to retake them it will not be in time for September. With that I was wondering if anyone here knew that even if I do not have all my certification tests passed could I start working while retake them?

Fall Cohort/ September 2016

Hi Guys,
I was recentyly accepted to the Fall Cohort 2016. Has anyone on this board been accepted for the Fall? If so, have you heard anything after you took the survey? The email stated that I have till May 20th to accept, however I didn't get a direct link to accept. The only form of acceptance was through the survey, is this correct?


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