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I've spent the last two years teaching in Brooklyn and successfully completing the Teaching Fellows program. As a result, I have experienced enough to shell out game changing advice that will improve the quality of your teaching/grad school life. Also, I have this giant private room to rent in Brooklyn!

Take a look!

Good luck to all of you.

It isn't easy. But it's worth it.


Denied today

Applied 3/8/2014
Denied 4/16/2014

My undergrad GPA was 3.0 with deans list from a SUNY school, my med school GPA was 2.0 and I wanted to teach science and English. I guess NYC doesn't want me for a teacher. :( oh well. Congrats to all who made it. Def not doing this again!

Bilingual education

Hey all!

I have been invited to selection day later this month and I'm being considered for bilingual education. I'm really excited and nervous, I bet all of you can relate!
I was wondering if anyone has done a lesson centered on bilingual education and if you conducted your lesson in Spanish or English? What was your lesson like?

Thanks for the help guys! :)

Anyone hear back today (4/3/14)?

Hi all! Today I got a message from Teaching Fellows that my application is under review. Has anyone else heard back today or heard something different? The message has actually made me way more nervous than I previously was.

My selection day was 3/22

GRE required?

Hey guys,
Just got accepted a few days ago and have a handful of questions.
1. Do I need to take the GREs to get accepted to the grad school part? There's no mention of it anywhere...
2. I'm an ESL fellow... Why do we have to take the multi-subject CST and not the ESOL CST? (I am freaking out about this btw, but study books are on their way now)
3. I am still working my full-time job, but I work nights and the events they are scheduling aren't giving us even a week's notice! I can't get the time off, but I can't afford to quit since I need to move to the city and won't get a decent paycheck till mid-sept! I don't know what to do! Any suggestions?


What happens next?

I had my in person interview on March 15 and I am so anxious. I am waiting for that email everyday. What is next?? How long would it take to received some answer?

Accepted!!!! June 2014

Subject Area: Special Education
Applied: 11/13
Phone interview: 1/30
Selection Day: 2/6
Status pending: 2/20
Accepted: 3/19

Going to meet and greet April 3!

Bilingual Education & ESL ?s

I'm interested in talking with a current NYCTF in Bilingual Education and/or ESL. I've been chosen for Bilingual Education and am not sure that I fulfill the eligibility requirements, but may fulfill them for ESL. In general, I'm curious how stringent the requirements are for teaching in either area, and would like clarification before filling out a subject area appeals survey.

My email is for anyone that would rather respond there.


Phone interview


I have recently been invited for a phone interview with NYCTF.  I am preparing now and I was wondering if anyone who has completed the phone interview could give me some insight.  Do you have any recommendations for preparing?  I have applied to ESL/Bilingual education.  Any help would be appreciated!!!!

Thank you
Hi everyone! I missed the Feb 18th extended deadline (got my application in the next day) so I am waiting on the March 10th deadline, and, while I'm looking forward to hearing back from the program, I'm looking to be realistic and would care for some insight :) My undergrad GPA was poor, slightly under 2.5, and I'm wondering how badly that'll hurt my chances for the program. The responses I've gotten on it have mostly been, "Apply anyway as long as you have a good GPA statement."

I won't say my GPA statement was the best, but I feel it adequately described my undergraduate situation (60hrs part time work with 20 credits) and I've taken a few education classes in the past few months (where my cumulative average was higher than a 3.0) to develop my skills for my current job. I'm also not a recent graduate - I've been working abroad for the past 3 years.

TLDR - how much of my shining and awesome amazing personality matters to the program? and will it be enough to at least get me considered? My highest preference was science, followed by a preference for special education and/or ESL.

Please share and care with me about any applicants you know who had terrible GPAs, but managed to become a fellow. I will totally PIF if accepted into the program.

Edit as of 3/12:
"Hi! Unfortunately, I was notified last week that I didn't make it for a phone interview. While I'm a bit disappointed, because NYCTF would have helped me reach a lot of my goals, a job opportunity where I'd be a better fit and would allow me to transition better from living abroad for the past couple years came up and I'm waiting to hear back on it. I'm considering applying earlier next year, though. My highest priority was teaching science, and for the deadline I applied by, they were more interested in ESL."

Thank you, everyone, for your kind responses.  


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