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2015 Prospective Fellows

There was a post here for 2015 prospective Fellows, but it seems to have been removed. I thought I'd make another post in the meantime for people wanting to share their experiences and ask questions. If the other post mysteriously reappears, I'll delete this entry.
The home is right on beautiful tree lined Eastern Parkway in convenient Crown Heights near Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens, Prospect Park and restaurant/bar packed Prospect Heights.
Easily accessible to 2,3,4, and 5 trains and S shuttle to Bedstuy.
This is a three story home with a small back patio and a terrace on the top floor.
Every floor has high ceilings and plenty of sunlight. 1st floor has a large living space and kitchen with a full bath. Second floor has three rooms with a full bath, each room having a closet, and a/c unit. Third floor has a bedroom, full bathroom and terrace. The washer and dryer are in the basement.
The room, $900, is only furnished with a bed which we can remove if you don't need it. You would need first month, security (1,850 total for move in). Utilities will be split 4-ways (estimated avg of $85 per person).
Parking spot is additional cost.

I'm a 30 year old male, sixth year teacher (Cohort 16) at a High School nearby. I travel frequently to the Carribbean during school breaks. Although I'm usually working with pencils and chalk, most say I'm a handy-man at heart. So I'll be happy to help put-together your Ikea furniture and helping you get settled.

The other mates in the second and third rooms: Hillary, a Colorado state legislature worker who is going to study Law and Fred a Tennessean chef who works at a popular restaurant nearby.

Send me an email or give me a call for more info if you'd like the 4th room to yourself.

Michael Khairy

Housing July or August 1st

I'm a fellow from cohort 23. I'm moving out of my great apartment and need someone to take over the room with potential to take over the lease. The apartment is large and furnished but the room is empty. Lots of counter space for cooking, a cute three person table for dining, dishwasher, and full bath with great water pressure.

Located on 102nd between 3rd and Lexington which is one block from the 6 train and two stops from the 86th express stop serving the 4,5, 6, and about a 15 minute ride to Hunter and about an hour ride to Soundview.

Rent for the huge room is 1400. It fits a desk, queen sized bed, a dresser, and even a little couch or lounge chair. There are two nice sized closets in the room too. Move in would be August 1st. Utilities included.

For pics and more info email me, Bernadette, at

Good luck and cograts on your new journey.

Trouble finding a room/apartment?

Hi there,

Am I the only one having trouble finding a room to rent? Any resources aside from Craigslist?


Finding a training site?

Okay, now that I have my University placement *phew* finally... Is finding a training school on us as well? I'm trying to adapt my resume and I'm using what is written in the Job Search Guide and guess I will leave that part blank, as we haven't begun... This referring to the DOE classroom/school we trained in, right?

Do we transition from training to teaching in the same school? Do I go about this by just conducting the job search, and then they will place me for training there? Starting to get a little confused.

Thank you!

University placement

Does anyone know when we will receive our University placements? Finding this out sooner rather than later is crucial for me to actually partake in this work opportunity. Trying to remain patient and hopeful.

How hard are the EAS and ALST exams?

Has anyone taken any of those exams yet?

I know that the old exams had an insanely high pass rate (98-99%) and that the EAS and ALST exams were made to make the cert process more rigorous.

MyPortal Login Issues

I got my notification to log in to myportal in order to access the online courses. The notification tells me to use my username and password for teacher track.

The problem is, is that I did use both and am still not able to log in. Is anyone else having this issue?

Relay GSE

Does anyone have any feedback concerning Relay GSE? I was assigned Math Immersion and given this place as my university. Internet search brings up a lot of propaganda and some debates that boil down to the charter vs historical methods. However, it is pretty interesting that there doesn't seem to be any current or former students discussing it on public social media (people talk about anything these days). There is mention of a fb group, but is a closed group and the deadline to beg for reassignment is looming.

Personally, I have mixed feelings. There are two cases I found where people dropped out of the program due to personal and philosophical problems related to the treatment of students. In both cases Relay is forcing them to pay a semester's tuition. This also gets a little sketchy when you see that it is founded for three brands of charter schools. I personally am leaning towards the standard DOE schools. I hear that Relay does not discuss things like cognitive learning or learning development. I fear that if you are in the Relay program that you may be somewhat undesirable for a principal in the normal DOE system. Therefore Relay just becomes a feeder for charter schools. This is also an issue since pay is different between charter and DOE schools. DOE schools pay more for relevant work experience and education beyond a bachelors. Where the charter school simply treats you as an inexperienced person and pays minimum salaries.

Any thoughts, comments, experiences?


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