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So I am very excited to start my pre service training this summer and begin working in the high school I was hired at in September. My only current concern is I am taking my certification tests in June and if I do not pass them I am afraid that even if I have to retake them it will not be in time for September. With that I was wondering if anyone here knew that even if I do not have all my certification tests passed could I start working while retake them?

Fall Cohort/ September 2016

Hi Guys,
I was recentyly accepted to the Fall Cohort 2016. Has anyone on this board been accepted for the Fall? If so, have you heard anything after you took the survey? The email stated that I have till May 20th to accept, however I didn't get a direct link to accept. The only form of acceptance was through the survey, is this correct?
I accepted a job pre-school assignment in D75. I had called the fellows 3 times to ask when I got assigned my subject area and the person on the phone said D79, and D75 are fine. I accepted and signed a commitment form on Wednesday! I was excited to be assigned to apply at LIU Brooklyn until I read something in the packet that said D75 not supported... I can't break my commitment, plus its my dream school! I can't get a hold of anyone who can give me a definitive answer :(

Please help!


2016 University Assignments

Fellows where were you assigned? Please post your subject, university placement,degree you have ie BA in English. Good Luck in PST

Demo lesson workshop

Has anyone attended the Demo lesson workshop yet? Do we have to conduct a lesson like Selection day in front of the class? What activities occur in the workshop? Also please state which subject workshop you attended. Thanks in advance.

University Assignments?

Anyone know where ESL fellows typically get placed? Also, are we getting notified next week or late May?


Hey! Just wanted to get to know the other fellows a little better. Comment with your name (or alias haha), subject, and a little background as to why you're doing the program.

I'll start.
Name: Jayce
Subject: Biology
Why I'm doing the fellowship: I'm graduating college and not really sure what I want to do with life, hoping that I could explore a new career and get my masters while in the process.


I have to take the multisubject CST. I am extremely worried about the math portion. I doubt that I will pass this portion of the exam especially since I will only have one chance to take it. I was doing some research. Has anyone heard of these safety nets that they have in place for these exams? Would this be something that the Fellows program woulf allow?
Hello All,

Phone Interview:02/02/2016
Selection Date: 03/01/2016
Acceptance: 04/12/2016
District 75 Acceptance 04/28/2016 even though I am not sure that I selected this so I may ask for regular placement.

I live in the Brooklyn Williamsburg area, I am looking for someone in the area to possibly study with or check in with regarding this grueling process. I am currently in the process of signing up for the test, I work full time and will stop working just before the summer program. Bills, Bills, Bills etc.Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I am sure this process is much easier for recent college graduates. It is difficult navigatig through it all when you have day to day operations already in full effect.

Summer Training: Can anyone give me the low down on this? What locations are they held , are the tines really 7am -7pm I have a child and summer camps don't start until 8 and certainty do not last until 7pm so I am trying to make accommodations.

Thank you :)



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