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Does anyone know if your principal asks you to teach a different subject than what you certified for, can you do 4 classes on your certified subject and one class on onother subject?
What are the problems you might face?

October 2017 application

Did anyone, who applied during october 2017, get any email or call yet.
It says 2-4 weeks for their respond in their website.

Accepted into the Fall 2017 Cohort

Hello Everyone,

I was at Selection Day on May 25th, received the content assessment on May 30th, completed it on June 1st and was notified of acceptance on June 9th. The process was quicker than expected. My school is Brooklyn College (Manhattan Campus). I will be teaching Special Education in grades 1-6.

Is anyone attending the accepted applicant event on June 19th?



I am part of the June 2017 cohort, and i am really excited for all the training and everything yet to come. My question is, has anyone been in for a demo lesson for a permanent teaching position, as in after PST, starting in september?

I was wondering what the wait time to hearing back is, like when do schools start making offers to us?

I interviewed well over a month ago, and I haven't heard back, and I have been sending follow up emails, but not getting any replies.

I heard something about how schools need to wait for their budgets to come out before they can make any offers. Does anyone know how true that is?

Thank you, I appreciate any help!

Mod Post - Dealing with Spam

Hi Everyone,

I logged in recently and noticed several spammy posts by a spammy spammer. I also noticed that many people commented on the posts, asking the poster to stop posting, which is fine, but I did not receive any messages about the spammer. The posts have been deleted and reported as spam, the poster's posting access has been revoked, and the associated Facebook profile has been reported as spam, though it may be a real profile, it's hard to say.

Given the various changes in LJ, I'm not sure how much I care to be involved with the platform any longer. I recognize that this board has been useful to many people and I have no intention of unilaterally removing it. Some solutions in order of intensity:

  1. Send me a message when spam posts appear. Spammers are not likely to stop spamming if asked to do so. They already know that what they are doing is wrong and they don't care.

  2. Offer to become a co-moderator.

  3. Offer to take ownership of the community.

There are numerous moderation options requiring a moderator to approve membership, approve posts, etc., which I don't currently have time to do; these would be available options for someone who would like to dedicate time and energy to them. http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/79.html

Other ideas are welcome.


Selection Day April 27th, 2017 Acceptance

Today I received my acceptance into the Fall 2017 program.
Selection Day was 4/27/17 and acceptance took 3 weeks!
I have to say this has been an amazing experience so far.
I'm excited to start my training!

Fall 2017 District 75 Program

Hi Everyone. I just want you all to know I have recently been accepted for this upcoming fall cohort for special education in moderate and severe grades 1-6. I was wondering in the process in everyone and how they found out.
To my knowledge, I am surprised in less than two weeks I found out my acceptance
I applied on April 19 for the Regular deadline. Got my interview email on April 28 and finally interview was on May 6th.

As mention before, surprise I got information so quick but happy to say I am in the program :)
Hopefully, we all get to meet if you are in the same district as me!

Fall 2017

Has anyone who applied by the priority deadline for Fall 2017 heard back anything as of yet from NYCTF?
I understand district 75 teachers have several paraprofessionals in their classrooms. Are there times during the day when the teacher can be alone in the classroom? Something that would give her enough time to make a personal phone call or respond to personal email.

For example, do students and paraprofessionals eat lunch together in the classroom? Can a teacher request to eat lunch alone in her room if the students are taken out for lunch?

April 11 Selection Day

My selection day was April 11 and nothing yet. Anyone heard back?

About a week ago, after emailing them about the GRE deadline, I got: "Thank you for your inquiry. We realize the selection process is taking sightly longer than usual, but we assure you we will be in touch soon, and we appreciate your patience."


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