New York City Teaching Fellows

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New York City Teaching Fellows
This community is for New York City Teaching Fellows -- new, experienced, and former. Some guidelines, stated positively:

1. Posts will be relevant to teaching in New York City and fellow-specific issues such as interviews, certification, placement, and college placement.
2. Be helpful and respectful of others and their opinions.
3. Use lj-cut for any images, posts longer than a couple paragraphs, or cross-posted items.
4. Got housing issues? Since many communities are no longer active, go ahead and post. You can try nyc_real_estate and nycroommates. Other questions about living in NYC? Try nyc_for_free (not very active since 2011, but lots of great info if you mine the tags.)
5. Venting is fine. Flaming is not fine. Keep it clean and polite.
6. LJ tends to screen posts with links. Currently the only sites I am allowing links to are the NYCTF site and the DOE, due to the massive influx of spam and bots.
7. You must be a member to post, again, due to the massive influx of spam and bots.

DISCLAIMER: This journal is maintained by a former teaching fellow, and is neither associated with nor maintained by the DOE or the NYCTF office. The purpose of this journal is to share information between fellows. For definitive procedural information, please contact the Fellows office.

Your moderator is marmal8. Please let her know if you are having a problem. Problems that are not reported are unlikely to be solved.

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